Add Roommate Policies & Procedures

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Add Roommate:

To initiate the process of adding an additional resident to your lease, please submit a signed copy of the Add Roommate form to For any questions regarding the process or specific details feel free to contact our leasing department directly at 503-288-7368.

Resident Transfer Policies

Current residents in good standing* with a minimum of 6 months’ rental history with Capital Property Management will be considered eligible for transfer. In order to transfer, you must be renting on a month-to-month basis, be nearing the end of your lease, or be willing to pay the lease break fee. *A resident in good standing is determined by assessment of the following: review of payment history, review of violations, complaints and/or disturbances and an inspection of current apartment conditions.

Transfer Screening Process:

      • Residents who wish to transfer will need to fill out the Transfer Request form and provide updated proof of income. If the current resident has not previously been screened by Capital or if a roommate is being added, the Transfer Requests will also require submission of the following materials: Government-issued photo ID and a completed Rental Application. New applicants not currently renting from Capital will be subject to the $45.00 standard non-refundable application fee.
      • Once these items have been submitted to, the apartment desired will be held off the market for you as we begin the screening process. Submission of your Transfer Request, in its entirety, will constitute 30-days’ notice to vacate your current residence. You will be notified by the Leasing Department once the screening results are complete.

Transfer Inspection:

      • A representative from Capital will conduct an inspection of your apartment within 7 days of receiving the Transfer Request form. Your signature on this form authorizes Capital to enter your apartment without further notice for the purpose of this inspection. The inspection will occur during normal business hours within 7 days following your submission of this form (Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 4:30pm). It is not necessary that you be present for this inspection, however if you would like to request a specific inspection time, please contact our office at 503-288-7368 to schedule the appointment.

Payments Required Upon Approval:

      • Upon approval you will have 24-hours to remit the following items to Capital:

        1. A signed copy of the Execution Agreement for your new apartment home and a $250.00 Execution Deposit (this Deposit will be credited towards costs at your new apartment upon move-in, but retained as a Cancellation Fee should you decide not to move-in).
        2. Final pro-rated rent for the remaining 30-days at current residence. Residents are responsible to pay the full 30 days even if not planning to occupy the apartment during for the entirety of the 30 days.
      • If we do not receive these payments within the timeframe allotted, the transfer request and 30-day-notice will be considered canceled and the apartment will be put back on the market.


      • Once the above fees are paid and your new apartment home is secured, you will be asked to schedule a move-in appointment for your new apartment. Your new apartment can be held off the market for up to 7 days from the rent-ready date or your approval call, whichever is sooner. Failure to take possession of your new apartment home will result in the forfeiture of your Execution Deposit.
      • At your lease signing-appointment for your new apartment, you will be required to pay pro-rated rent, prorated utilities and your last month of rent, less your $250.00 Execution Deposit. In addition, you will receive a rent concession equal to 2 days rent in your new apartment for time to move. Payments must be made in full as we cannot accept partial payments or payment plans in the transfer process.
      • Your Security Deposit for the former apartment will be reconciled within 31 days from the date keys were returned to our office.

To initiate the process of transferring to another unit in the Capital portfolio, please submit a signed copy of the Transfer Request Form to our leasing office. For any questions regarding the process or specific details feel free to contact our leasing department directly at 503-288-7368.