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Top to Bottom

The sun is trying to stay out, flowers are blooming, everyone is sneezing and all this extra daylight sure has us noticing all the dust that’s snuck up on us over the winter. While there are plenty of folks that like scrubbing their homes from top to bottom, a whole weekend of heavy-duty spring cleaning isn’t for everyone. Here’s a few clean and green tips and tricks for a quick and easy refresh of your living, sleeping and cooking spaces:

  • Dust, dust, dust. Start at the ceiling and work your way down to the floor to avoid doubling your work. Drape a clean, slightly damp towel over the end of your broom, secure it with a big rubber band if you have one and get after all that beautiful dust-harboring crown molding and those vintage picture rails, no step ladder required.
  • Curtains can be taken down and shaken out or steam cleaned (check the label first and test in a small, inconspicuous spot), but the blinds may need a little more love. Feather dusters, Swiffer cloths or old towels on closed blinds are a great way to gently loosen surface dustiness and all manner of tools exist to make quick work of getting in between. Light fixtures can be (carefully) vacuumed once it’s time for that chore.
  • If you can, take the couch cushions outside and whack them together a few times. Better yet, grab a helper and have a totally adulting right now version of a pillow fight. If you’re already sneezing just thinking about this chore, an inexpensive dust mask from the hardware store will help keep the dust out.

Dirty Deeds Done With Ease

  • You don’t have to throw away plastic or vinyl shower curtains when they get a little funky. In fact, please don’t! All you need is one of everyone’s green cleaning best friends and a few old towels. Use a cup of baking soda (or vinegar but not both) and wash them with a regular amount of detergent on warm. The towels keep the machine from ripping the liners while helping the agitating cleaning action. Hang to dry. Done!
  • A winter's worth of soups and sauces coupled with holiday baking may have done a number on your stovetop and oven in recent months. Before you reach for the nasty chemical fix, have a look at this former professional house cleaner's impressive fume-free, non-toxic oven-cleaning tutorial (and tasty recipes to boot):
  • Clutter is distracting and clutter in space-lacking bathroom cupboards can be crazy-making. Grab the wastebasket, open the medicine cabinet and get real about what you do and don’t use every day. If you didn’t like that face wash a month ago, you’re not going to like it six months from now. Throw it out (unless you can return it). Same for nearly-spent toothpaste tubes, old samples and expired medication. Dispose of the contents responsibly, recycle the bottles and get on with the rest of your life.

Next Time Around

  • If you have a dog or a cat, you know what Springtime means, and the rate at which pet hair dust bunnies pile up never ceases to amaze. If they’ll let you, incorporate a daily brushing ritual to cut down on the amount of fur, dander and yes, dust that comes off our furry friends this time of year. Most pets will relish the extra attention and you’ll be glad you did it the next time you take the vacuum to the sofa.
  • Doubling up on entry mats will trap a surprising amount of dirt & debris to keep it from coming in to have to get cleaned up in the first place. Have a sturdy coir or plastic mat outside the front door for mud and grass and another, lighter-weight mat just inside the front door to catch the rest. Shake them out or hose them off as needed.
  • It’s true what they say about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. It can be tough to fight the procrastination in the dead of winter with Netflix beckoning but ten minutes of quality time with the vacuum or dust mop a couple times a week will reward you many times over when it’s time for the big deep clean.

Renter's Insurance

Protect your personal items by ensuring that your Renter’s Insurance policy is current.  Renter’s Insurance is surprisingly inexpensive, and is the best way to ensure that you won’t be victim to an unfortunate loss.  If you need help getting started, we’re happy to offer you suggestions on where you might purchase a policy. Most folks just add it to their auto policy, which can lower that rate, depending on the carrier. That’s what we call a serious win-win!

Mildew Prevention

We want to ensure that your apartment stays cozy and inviting all year long. Seasonal weather changes can produce influxes in moisture levels that may lead to mildew. Here are a few tips to help reduce the risk of mildew growth in your home:

  • Keep your home warm. Heat should be kept above 65 degrees at all times - cold indoor temperatures invite mildew growth.
  • Let the sunshine in! Open your blinds during daylight hours. Mildew likes to grow in dark, cool places.
  • Use your exhaust fan or open a window after showering to eliminate excess moisture. 30 minutes or more is ideal.
  • Let air circulate by keeping your furniture an inch or more away from walls.

And don’t forget that we’re always happy to help… If you encounter a problem with moisture in your apartment, please contact our Maintenance Department immediately.


While keyed common access buildings are a good first step towards security at multifamily buildings, residents should also be aware of their responsibilities as they relate to building security.

  • Before allowing strangers into your building, verify that they are a resident. Never permit unauthorized or unfamiliar persons into your building.
  • Don't prop entrance doors open or unlock windows in common areas.
  • Be sure to use the deadbolt on your apartment door. Locks only work if you use them!
  • If you have items stored in a storage locker, be sure to cover your items from view. Use a strong padlock, and be sure that you keep a Renter's Insurance to provide protection against theft of damage. You would be surprised how inexpensive it is to protect your personal belongings.
  • Inform us immediately if you have problems with closing or locking windows and doors. Report burned out and broken lights in common areas, such as corridors, stairwells, garbage rooms, laundry areas, parking garages and outdoor areas.

The security of our buildings and the safety of our residents are extremely important to us. Your continued effort in helping us achieve this is much appreciated. As always, feel free to contact our office if you have any concerns.


Capital Property Management is committed to the conservation of our most important natural resource, clean water. High efficiency shower heads, faucet aerators, and dual flush toilets have been installed at many of our apartments to aid in this mission. Dripping faucets can waste up to 30 gallons of water per day. Running toilets are responsible for as much as 100 gallons of water wasted each day. We ask that all residents assist us in preventing water waste by reporting water leaks, dripping faucets, and running toilets immediately. Our maintenance department can be reached at 503-287-4346.


We would like to extend a gracious thank you to all our residents for your continued patronage and wish you the very best in 2019.